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Honouring people with outstanding community achievements. Also a place to honour and remember those no longer with us.


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ACHMAT THE EDUCATOR with a social conscience

Early in his career as a social worker, Achmat combined the roles of social worker and educator… and was fond of reminding his students: “You cannot be an educator without a social conscience.”
Hence in his first job at Kupungani, (1965-7) the young social worker emerged as a Health Educator.


•    As social worker (Director of Social Services) at the Muslim

In Honour of Imam Abdurahman Bassier

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The life of Imam Abdurahman Bassier was long and meaningful. In that time he displayed many noble attributes that many of those he left behind may wish to emulate. A selection of these attributes has been chosen and amplified with the intention that it may resonate and inspire those who knew him and those who will get a glimpse of what he stood for through these pages. There are two parts to this tribute. The first is a brief biographical account of his life. The second takes the form of a salaah time table which follows the solar months and can thus be used every year. Juxtaposed alongside each month is a theme consisting of a Quranic verse, one of

Ghafiz Imam Omar Abdullah

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This tribute is to briefly outline the life of the late Imam Omar Abdullah.

Ghafiz Imam Omar Abdullah was born on 26/07/1938 in Wynberg to Hoosain and Kulsum Abdullah (Nee Dawjee). He had 2 sisters and a brother.

Imam attended Habibia Primary School until Standard 6 (Grade 8). Thereafter he went to Battswood where he completed his Junior Certificate.