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Duah in Islam is a wonderful gift granted to Muslims to appeal directly to our Creator. Duah provides the framework within which dependent Man appeal to his Omnipotent Lord. The more man raises  his hands in supplication , the more he realizes his utter dependency and Reality of his Creator. Milestones like birthdays and anniversaries are also occasions to reflect upon the endless Mercies of our Creator, along with the balance sheet of our good and not-so-good deeds. Duah thus also serves as a powerful bridgehead between our natural and supernatural worlds.

On entering the Maqbarah

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Assalamu ‘alaykum yaa ah lat di yaar mi nil mu’ mineena wal muslimeen
Wa in naa inshaa allahu bi kum alaa ghi qoon
Nas a lal laaha la naa walla kumul ‘aa fi yah

Peace be upon you, O ye dwellers in these abodes from among the believers and Muslims.
Behold, if Allah wills, we shall meet you.
We beseech of Allah safety for us and for you.

Prayers of the prophets and those who strove with them

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Rabba-nagh-fir lanaa dhunoobanaa
wa israa-fanaa fee amrinaa
wa thabbit aqdaa-ma-naa
wansurnaa alal qawmil kaafireen.

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and anything
we may have done that transgressed our duty.
Establish our feet firmly,
and help us against those who resist faith.

A duah to be made at any time

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Allahu maj ’al  sa ree ra tee ghay ram min ’a laa niy ya tee.
Waj ’al ’a laa niy ya tee sau li ghah. Allah hum ma in nee as a lu ka
min sau li ghi maa tu’ tin naa sa mi nal ah li wal maa li
wal wa la di ghay rad daaul li wa lal mu dil


O Allah! Make my inner nature better than my open deeds.

And make my outer nature good. O Allah! I seek from Thee good of what Thou give to the people in family wealth and children which neither strays nor leads astray


The duah when wearing a new garb(dress)

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Allah hum-ma la kal gham du ka maa ta sou ta nee hi
As a lu ka ghay ra hu wa ghay ra maa sun ni ’a laa hoo
Wa  a ’oo thu bi ka min shar ri hee wa shar ri maa sun ni ’a laa hoo



O Allah! All praise is due due to Thee for clothing me in this garb. I beseech from Thee it’s good and the good of what it has been made for. I seek refuge in Thee from it’s evil and the evil of what it has been made for.



The duah when about to have sexual intercourse

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Allah hum ma jan nib nash shaytaan, wa jan nib nish shaytaana maa ra zaq ta naa

O Allah! Keep us away from the Shaytaan, and keep the shaytaan away from that which Thou shall grant us.

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