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Duah to make on a boys birthday

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Allah hum ma touw wil la hoo fee ’um ri. Wa was si’ la hoo fee rizq qi
Wa as ligh la hoo fee ’a maa lih. Wa yas sir la hoo fee
u moo ri hied dun yaa wiy yah wal oeg ra wiy yah. Wa waf faq hu wa iy yaa naa li maa tu ghib bu hoo wa tar daau hu, yaa ak ra mal ak ra meen.
Allah  hum ma ta qab bal di yaa fa ta hoo la naa
War gham mou taa hoo bi sa ba bi haa, wa laa tu ghay yib ra jaa a hoo fee ka
Yaa ja waa du yaa ka reem. Allah hum ma jud ’a lay naa bi ’af wi ka
Wa ri dau ka wal mahg fi ra. Wa qi naa fit na tad dun yaa
Wa ’a thaa bal aa ghi rah. Wa laa ta rud da naa hgaau i bee na
Yaa ar gha mar raa ghi meen

O Allah, grant him a long life and increase his sustenance. Let his deeds be righteous and smoothen his affairs regarding this world and the hereafter. Let his deeds which he and we do be in agreement with that Thou loves best and agree with. O Allah, accept the hospitality offered by him and through him has mercy on his families (deceased) and let his dependence on Thee not be frustrated, O Most Honoured of those who are Honoured. O Allah, grant us good fortune through Thy pardon, satisfaction and forgiveness for Thou art the Generous One. O Allah protect us from the trails of this world and the punishment of the hereafter and do not reject our call to Thee o Most Merciful of those who show Mercy.

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