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The Qadaa and Qadr

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It is incumbent on every Muslim to believe in the Qadaa and Qadar, that whatever happens, does so with the Qadaa and Qadar of Allah. By rejecting the Qadaa and the Qadar the person is not considered a Muslim, for believing in it, is an article of faith.

Qadaa means the infinite knowledge of Allah in the Azal (the infinite knowledge of Allah with respect to eternity, concerning every thing). The Qadar is the bringing into existence of these things in accordance to Allah's infinite knowledge, e.g., it is within Allah's knowledge that a certain person will come into existence; this knowledge of Allah concerning this person is called Qadaa, and the process the person is going through until he comes into being is called the Qadar.

We must also believe that we are not forced, coerced, or compelled, but that we have a free will and a free choice, to do or not to do, to speak or not to speak and to believe or not to believe. This free will and choice of ours is called Kas'b, and it is for this Kas'b (choice) of ours that we are rewarded

Prophets of Allah

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The Messenger Believes In That Which Has Been Revealed Unto Him From His Lord And So Do The Believers. Each One Believes In Allah And His Angels And His Scriptures And His Messengers -We Make No Distinction Between Any Of Them.
We don't know exactly how many prophets and messengers there were. There are some who say that the number of Am'biyaa/prophets were one hundred and forty thousand, and that there were three hundred and thirteen Ru'sul/messengers. It is incumbent upon every Muslim to know the names of all the prophets and messengers named in the Quran are twenty five.


A Rasool is a messenger of Allah, who received the revelation and is com¬manded to convey the message to the people he is sent to. The plural form of the word Rasool is Ru'sul. A Nabi is a prophet of Allah, who received the revelation, but is not commanded to convey it to the people. The

Belief (Emaan) Guide

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Islam consist of five pillars (arkaan). The first pillar is to have faith (Emaan) by testifying that there is no true god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah.
Emaan means to believe firmly without any shadow of doubt, to have faith, to be contented, to accept and to be pleased with all that which the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came with and told us. The person who firmly believes is called a Mu’min (a believer).

The Arkaan of Emaan are six, viz.
1. To believe in Allah.
2. To believe in His Angels
3. To believe in His Books
4. To believe in His Prophets
5. To believe in the Last Day.


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The Shariah requires of every mukallaf person to know the attributes of Allah (swt).
The word Sifaat means attributes, the singular form is Si’fah. There are 20 Sifaat that are waajib (essential) for Allah.

1. Al-Wujood (Takwin?) – Existence. All existence and action depend upon Him.
2. Al-Qidam – Without beginning. He is before the before. He did not become.

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He always was.
3. Al-Baqaa – Infiniteness. He is after the after, Eternal. He always will be.
4. Mu’kaa la fa tu hoo ta’alaa lil hawaadithi – He the Exalted being unlike to any of the contigents. He is the Creator, bearing no resemblance to the created.
5. Qi yaa mu hoo bi naf sih – Self subsistent or self existent, without any needs
6. Al wah daa niy yah – Oneness. He is unique, without partner, without resemblance, the cause of all
7. Al-Qudrah – Power. All power is His


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1. Angels are the creation of Allah Ta'ala, made from "Noor" (Light).

2. Angels are "Masoom" (sinless). They are pure from all types of small and large sins.

3. Malaa'ikah are obedient servants of Allah Ta'ala. They do what Allah Ta'ala commands them.

4. They are countless in number. Only Allah Ta'ala knows how many Angels there are. Allah Ta'ala has also shown their exact numbers to his special servants like the Ambiya (Prophets) and Awliya (Saints).

5. Angels are neither male nor female.

6. They have been given the strength by Allah Ta'ala to turn into whatever shape or form they wish, whether it be of a human or of another creation.

7. Allah Ta'ala has given the Malaa'ikah many types of duties: some Angels have a fixed duty of taking out the soul, some to give rain, some have been given the task to create the face of a child in the mother's womb, some to write the deeds of an individual, writing our daily actions, attending

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