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South Africa is a land of disparity and Muslim society often mirrors those inequalities. There are rich people and there are poor people and simple mechanisms are required to effect the transfer of some of that wealth. This column endeavours to simplify the process of calculation and distribution of zakaah from the wealthy to the poor.

Zakaah Organisations

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No Name of Organization Address & contact no. Yr est Founding members Present members Present core services
1 Habibia Children's Home (Adam Meeran) Johnston Rd, Rylands (021) 633 1892 Dedicated group of women from the South African Muslim Women's League Full range of residential therapeutic services to young people between the age of 1 & 18yrs; Community based child & youth care services. Accomodation for 26 children from W.C area; Children admitted to facility through the Commissioner of child welfare. Cater's for physical, emotional,educational, spiritual & recreational needs of children.
2 Al-Maun Children's Home 41 Rockeby Rd, Crawford. Tel. 696-9675 **Will Fax**
3 I Care Children's Fundation (021) 699 0302 2002 Fundraising projects- telemarketing; selling of selling of luxury gift sets. Primary goals: assist in raising funds to enable us to care for the needy, destitute & supplementing the income of various institutions. Supplying food, finance, clothing etc.
4 Beitun-Nur 1162 7th Ave, Schaapkraal 1993 Binjamien Garnie, Shariefa Voegt, Fatima Abduragmaan, Cassiem Abrahams, Adnaan Davis Gaironesa Isaacs, Shariefa Voegt, Cassiem Abduragmaan, Begum Rawoot, Fatgiya Jardien Cater for the desitute, orphans, underprivelrdged & abused. Intake criteria- spiritual upliftment-refer to diferent places. 3-6mnths put children through school, Home visits
5 Beitul- Amaan Mars Rd Wynberg, (021) 761 15 42 **Sanaa
6 Boland Women's League ** Will fax through**
7 Shamsura Seegers 12 Johannes Meintjies, M/P (021) 374 2653 3yrs ago Shamsura Seegers, Abdul Gamied Abderoef, Murieda Sandon, Jennifer Basson, H. Sulaiman Achmad 30kg of rice, 50kg meaty bones, (trust Butchery.

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Lost City & self help scheme- only on Thursday 300-400 persons- children & elderly persons
8 Women Who Care Cashel Ave, Gleemor, (021) 696 38 28/ 083 709 63 44 Ramadaan parcels, monthly collection @ Thikr group- donate money to hostess choice org
9 IRFSA (021) 699 1790 Sh. Mymoena to contact us
10 Islamic Womens Forum 37 Devon Rd, Lansdowne, 084 390 9482 1995 Kadija Fredericks

Simple Guide to Zakaah

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Zakaah is fard (obligatory) on every Muslim, irrespective of gender. In the instance of minors, who meet the minimum requirements, the majority of jurists hold that the obligation to dispose of the Zakaah is vested in their guardians. It is only the Hanafi Math-hab who exempts minors (non-mukallaf) from paying Zakaah.

Zakaah can best be defined as;
• A specified action/item
• Which is taken from specified funds
• In accordance with specified description (viz. Nisab and Haul)
• To be given to specified group/s of people
• For the sake of Almighty Allah alone

(a) Specified action/item

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