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How is our deen affected by technology? Technolgy is everywhere and this can be  good or not so good. What does technology do for our spiritual growth? How does technology allow us to come closer to Allah? Different articles on this topic can be viewed and submitted here.

A study of selected Islamic Internet Sites in East Africa John Chesworth

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Islam is making increasing use of the Internet to propagate ideas and to inform followers as well as to attract non-adherents. The paper examines selected Islamic Internet sites whose content is oriented for East Africa. Initial expectations had been that many Internet sites would be ‘home-grown’, however it became apparent that most Internet sites have been set-up and are operated by the Muslim Diaspora. The paper examines four sites from Kenya and Tanzania looking at the content and approaches used by these sites. The failure of the diaspora to maintain sites is explored. Some tentative suggestions are made as to why Islamic Internet Sites have yet to be a successful in East Africa.

Digital Masjid Technology Incorporating IT Into Your Masjid Management Strategy By Corey Habbas

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It's time to look at the masjid not only as a community resource, but as a business entity that is sensitive to profit and loss. Does your masjid or Muslim community center still use paper receipts? Are you doing too much by hand and not enough with the keyboard? Are you renting storage space just to keep boxes of old documents? It sounds like your masjid could benefit from an important money-saving concept in today's technological world. That concept is called automation.

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Instead of working harder with fewer results, you can work smarter with more success. Information and communications technology can save money for a masjid and increase community effectiveness and reach.

Islamic Jurisprudence in Cyberspace: Construction of Interpretative Authority in Muslim Diaspora

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The paper examines the phenomenon of dispensing legal opinions by Islamic scholars via the internet websites. It analyses the strategies which the sites use for establishing themselves as the sources of authority and their interpretative methods. Emphasis is given on jurisprudence for Muslim minorities living in the Western legal systems.

Muslim minorities, fatwas, Islamic law, websites


Published as: Sisler, Vit. Islamic Jurisprudence in Cyberspace: Construction of Interpretative Authority in Muslim Diaspora. In: Cyberspace 2005 conference proceedings, Ed. Polcak, R., Skop, M.,

Muslims: Rewiring the House of Islam - Interview with Gary R. Bunt

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Islam, information and communication technology, social networks, study of religion Published as: A conversation with Gary R. Bunt, author of iMuslims: Rewiring the House of Islam (University of North Carolina Press, May 2009).  The Internet has profoundly shaped how Muslims perceive Islam, and how Islamic societies and networks are evolving and shifting within the twenty-first century. While these electronic interfaces appear new and innovative in terms of how the media is applied, much of their content has a basis in classical Islamic concepts, with an historical resonance that can be traced back to the time of the

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