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Duah in Islam is a wonderful gift granted to Muslims to appeal directly to our Creator. Duah provides the framework within which dependent Man appeal to his Omnipotent Lord. The more man raises  his hands in supplication , the more he realizes his utter dependency and Reality of his Creator. Milestones like birthdays and anniversaries are also occasions to reflect upon the endless Mercies of our Creator, along with the balance sheet of our good and not-so-good deeds. Duah thus also serves as a powerful bridgehead between our natural and supernatural worlds.

Duah for distress

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Allahumma rahmataka arjoo falaa O Allah! It is Your mercy that I hope for
takilnee ilaa nafsee tarfata so do not leave me in charge of my affairs
'aynin wa aslih-lee sha'nee even for a blink of an eye and rectify
kullahu, laa ilaha illa anta for me all of my affairs. None has the
right to be worshipped except You.

Duah for anxiety

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Allahumma inni a'oodhoo bika O Allah! I seek refuge in You from anxiety
minal-hammi walhuzni, wal-'ajzi and sorrow, weakness and laziness,
wal-kasali wal-bukhli wal-jubni, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of
wa dal'id-dayni wa ghalabatir- debts and from being oppressed by men.

Duah for studying something difficult

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Allahumma la sahla illama          O Allah! Nothing is easy except what
ja-'altahu sahla wa anta taj      You have made easy. If You wish, You
'alu al hazana etha shi'ta          can make the difficult easy.

Duah after studying

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Allahhumma inni astaodeeuka       O Allah! I entrust You with what I
ma qara'tu wama hafaz-tu.           have read and I have studied.
Faradduhu 'allaya inda                  (O Allah!) Bring it back to me when
hagati elayhi.                                I am in need of it.
Innaka 'ala ma-tasha'-u               (O Allah!) You do whatever You wish,
qadeer wa anta hasbeeya           and You are my Availer and
wa na'mal wakeel.                        Protector and the best of aid.


Duah before studying

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Allahumma infa'nii bimaa             O Allah! Make useful for me what You
'allamtanii wa'allimnii                   taught me and teach me knowledge
maa yanfa' unii.                           that will be useful to me.

Allahumma inii as'aluka                O Allah! I ask You for the understanding
fahmal-nabiyyen wa hifthal         of the prophets and the memory of the
mursaleen al-muqarrabeen.        messengers, and those nearest to You.

Allahumma ijal leesanee              O Allah! Make my tongue full of
'amiran bi thikrika wa                  Your remembrance, and my heart with
qalbi bi khashyatika.                   consciousness of You.

Innaka 'ala ma-tasha'-u             (O Allah!) You do whatever You wish,
qadeer wa anta hasbun-allahu   and You are my Availer and
wa na'mal wakeel.                       Protector and the best of aid

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