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We are especially proud of our newly created multimedia section which we hope will grow into a wonderful and useful resource library for all muslims the world over.


This comprises three sections:


  • Gallery

Our Gallery section is a beautiful arrangement of pictures taken by our Living Islam Community about events and happenings in the muslim community.

The images have been made smaller so that you don't have to wait hours to see the pictures. You have the option of viewing individual pics or sitting back and watching a slide show of the event.


  • Audio

Our Audio section is truly where our investment in technology is paying off. We are one of the pioneers around bringing you sound in the very latest and smallest audio medium.

The format is AMR. This format (currently only playable by Quicktime), is close to 200 times smaller than the cda (normal cd). This means that an hour long lecture that would normally fit on a cd, now is downloadable at about 3 mb.

We have converted all our audio to AMR format and you are now most welcome to listen to all the lectures, qiraa that you wanted to listen to but couldn't.

Please note that we only upload audios where we have been given permission as we obey copyright laws.


  • Video

The video section again is quite at the forefront of technology.

You have to choose between DDR2 and DDR3 Mustek ScanExpress 1200 III SP Scanner Driver 1.0 and cannot mix and match the memory types.

Here we have converted all our videos to FLV format, which allows you to view the videos with relative ease and the size is acceptable.

Although the quality of the video has suffered, we have tried to find the right balance between the size of the video file and the quality of the picture.

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